The coming stock market crash

I am posting this blog post I read about the stock market. I think it is wise we acknowledge the market is at all-time highs. What does this actually mean? If there’s another crash or major correction will this hurt or help Trump? I fear if he “comes to the rescue” and prints money out of thin air and temporarily boosts the economy his supporters will announce him as the savior. If we wait until after the election and assume he loses and the market crashes he and his supporters will blame Biden. Either way we’re in for volatile roads ahead – politically and economically speaking.

What does the stock market boom right now translate to? It translates into a situation which empowers a select groups of Americans who have enough capital to invest are able to become even wealthier. They can enrich themselves through capital gains while the average American who earns a wage sees the value of their dollar eroded as prices of goods rise – rent, groceries, services, etc. It is important to realize that the markets today are not operating in reality, at least not the realities of supply and demand I learned when I went to school to study economics.

A crash is coming, but when? I am not looking forward to the economic ramifications, but we should prepare ourselves.


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