T-Rex in Your Living Room

Perhaps you have seen that feature on Google Images where you search for a T-Rex, and this 3D Image app you click on turns on your camera, then projects a T-rex into the view screen, integrated with your surroundings. Yes, I had a T-Rex moving around our cabin, and I took a screenshot of the shark. The picture is unedited. Both moved, and both interacted with the features of the room, moving around but not hitting the walls.

There is some very sophisticated AI image processing going on in this odd little app. Your video is being streamed to a supercomputer somewhere, where it is used to build a model of your space, then send the animal image to just the right places on your screen. Try it; you’ll like it.

Now consider the implications of this if one carries a smart phone. When you open that app, you give them permission to use your phone’s video. Enter the Deep State. They can access it, too. Snowden was right. He saw where the mass surveillance was going, down the road, and he cared enough to warn us. But we seem to just give them a pass.

Did you turn on facial recognition when you got that new iPhone? You were asked to repeatedly scan your face from different angles, and some supercomputer somewhere created an algorithm and sent it back to your phone so it can now recognize you. That means you are on file somewhere, in a file that can be accessed by a good Deep State hacker.

This means that anyone who is a dissident or might become a dissident can be deeply, deeply surveilled. And Trump has de facto declared martial law by sending out his secret police to Denver and elsewhere. It is a dress rehearsal for the big crackdown.  Live clean, my friend, and put up a good fight, as will I. This beast must be tamed or we will all die slaves.

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