We Are Selling The World

to End Extreme Poverty

We are selling the “Imaginary Possession” of Everything that Exists or has ever Existed and has some value: Planets, Countries, Cities, Buildings, Monuments, People, Animals, Words, Books, Songs… absolutely Everything.

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A Sponsor – Why & How

Now you can support the struggle for Progress, have some fun and earn money. You simply acquire the sponsorship of the item of your preference and promote it on the Internet. When the item is sold at the auction, 25% of the proceeds will go to you (with which you recover your investment and get a profit) and the remaining 75% goes to Neo Citizens to finance Sustainable Anti-Poverty Projects.

A Possessor – Why & How

If you have a business you have probably thought of original ways to advertise your brand, your products and/or services. Now you have a unique opportunity when people are interested in knowing who is betting or who won the “imaginary possession” of the street or the city where they live, or of this or that word. Surely they will remember, and you will be happy to help a good cause.

“Items” For Sale (Examples)

Statue of Liberty

Monument, New York


Museum – Paris


Word – English


City – United Kingdom

Sandra Bullock

Actress – USA

How it Works

Frequent Asked Questions

What is an "item"?

If something has some kind of value it should be for sale. If it is for sale, then it is an “item”. We are selling physical and intellectual items. An “item” can be a planet, a country, a city, a neighborhood, a street or a building, a famous person or a normal person, a historic event, a monument, a number or a word, a book or a sentence… everything that exists or has ever existed.

Why businesses will bid for items?

They count on people’s morbid desire to know everything new: “who is bidding for what” and “who won the bidding”. They count on a very original way of advertising their brands, products, and services. It’s just a game, but one that can generate a lot of prospects and customers for the “possessor”.

What about intellectual property or brand protection?

Hey, first, this is a game. As Monopoly or Second Life. Kind of, but with a good purpose. Second, the only thing you cannot legislate is human imagination and that is why we are selling not the “ownership”, but the “imaginary possession” of things, events or people. Even so, we recommend staying away (for now) from the big brands (Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Apple, for example) and from troublemakers (like Donald Trump), but you do not have to fear any legal action against you (or against us).

Can I upload new items?

Yes, you can. You can acquire the sponsorship of an item that already was added to the Selling the World Auction (paying the price asked for it) or you can upload your own item (it will cost only $5.35) to our platform and profit from it when someone buys its imaginary possession. There is no limit, but your creativity and innovation. Remember, this is a game. So, if the Empire State building is already on the system, you can upload “the shadow of the Empire State Building“. If Rome is already on the system, you can upload and sponsor “Rome in Winter“, or “Rome in Summer“…

What is in there for me?

First, you are contributing to a good cause when most of the income goes to fund anti-poverty development projects. Second, if you sponsor an item and it is sold at the auction, 25% of the sale goes directly to you.

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The Most Original

Advertising Game of All Times

The key to success will be in the people´s “morbid desire” to know “who owns what”: who bought New York, the White House or Chinatown, the words “freedom” or “love”; the Mexican Revolution and the Storming of the Bastille; the Louvre in Paris, the Moscow Kremlin, …or even who bought Barack Obama, or Angela Merkel.

You can bet on the interest of major brands and all kind of businesses in using original ways of advertising their products or services. Everyone understands that it’s just a “game”, but advertisers will receive high visibility for making their bids, or for “acquiring” any virtual item, which they have the option of placing back on auction through our site, getting more advertising and even profits.

Get Involved

Even if you are not able to sponsor an item or make a bid, you still can help with this endeavor. Join us at Neo Citizens, spread the word, keep an eye on how financed projects are making the change.


October 17, 2017 - Official Launching

We have chosen the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty as Neo Citizens “birthday”. Yet in Beta Phase, but our website is already online.

October 17, 2018 - Auction Day

Selling the World Auction Starts and we will have our first “imaginary possessors”.

Examples of Already

Sponsored Items


Expert in Tech Solutions
Sponsor: Seek4Geek.com



Joe Kennedy III

Sponsor: Dr. Manuel Tejeda

Income Tax Declaration

Event – United States
Sponsor: NC Taxes

Kendall, Miami

A neighborhood, Miami – USA
Sponsor: Kendall Maintenance Services

Now it’s the Righ Time

to Take Action

Join the Neo Citizens Movement

You can sponsor an “item” by yourself or you can help others to promote their sponsorship. You can buy the “imaginary possession” of an item or you can help others to promote your business. You can do whatever you want, but if you join us you can add value to our purpose.

Invite Your Friends

You know good people. You know they are concerned about what is happening in our world and that they will feel well having the opportunity to help. Invite them… It’s easy: you are not asking for their money, only their support and getting involved in a good cause.

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