Peoples Assemblies Voices Votes Implementing Rational Ethical Egalitarianism and Holism

Edited from Sam Hollenbeck ….

What if we made the $600/wk for people who can’t find private sector work into a permanent standing offer, even after the pandemic is over, however enable people to work for it?

The federal government would still provide the funds for the $600/wk income like they do now however give this to everyone including people who haven’t worked in years or who have been Unhoused for years …

So the person could be doing work for our small businesses, local governments and non-profits and getting paid to do the work they love to do and not the shit jobs people hate …

So instead, doing things in their own communities that need to be done, things that serve the community and/or complement the private sector economy.

We could fire our mayor, fire our governor fire our state government and fire a lot of our federal government.

A part of this effort can be people debating, creating and voting on all solutions for their community, country and internationally based on people determined fact based journalism/media/news/debate.

People can apply for and vote to create new meaningful jobs for the community and country not shitty service jobs and not shitty horrific contact trace jobs those are nefarious jobs like Natzi Germany or communist china Russia.

We the people through newly created Rational Ethical councils fire all our politicians and we the people gain control over voting on solutions and voting on the jobs / administration of those solutions.

Contact me to join our worldwide Tuesday night Rational Ethical Egalitarian Holistic People Assemblies & learn how you you can help create this people assembly wherever you are in the world by realistically taking back your cities counties countries and United Nations.

We thank you,

Daniel Roy Baron

Phone: 323-496-7649



Peoples Assemblies Voices Votes Implementing Rational Ethical Egalitarianism and Holism

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  1. Hey Daniel Roy!

    Welcome to Neo Citizens 😊

    I Love this ad, and I’d be attending the event, if it weren’t for the fact that 7pm is in the middle of the night where I reside 😅
    Still, I’d VERY much like to stay informed – will theese events be recorded sometime soon?
    Keep up the GOOD work you’re doing to start those snowballs! You seem to be an excellent organizer and initiator, and I LOVED your interview with Kent last week. Those are EXACTLY what the broad range of the US public needs to hear – reasonable, calm, noncommercial and people oriented discussions on every subjects regarding ALL citizens lives.
    I admire the work the both of you are doing – and would absolutely go crazy to see you guys get on the air with;
    Kyle Kulinsky (as you mentioned) cenk yugir (although he’s gone partly sentrist), Nick Brana, Shahid Buttar and maybe even Steve Sailor. Weird thing about Steve – I can’t find any info on him online… You have any sources to share? I’d like to read a little about him, as I’ve seen his name mentioned in progressive posts on FB, and in commons dreams articles.

    Lastly, a note on this post of yours – and please, no offense, but this is a project group, a place to discuss the specific subject of recruiting templates for any NC-member to use for recruiting on other social media. I was hoping to keep the posts in here relevant to this 😊

    And PLEASE, do not hesitate to download/copy the temlates (if you find them usable) for your own recruiting purposes 👍
    Best regards
    Hans Thorbjørn

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