Just a “little” about – me.

I grew up on LONG ISLAND.
(Central Suffolk County)
I still live here.
I ALWAYS will.

A couple of weeks ago, I was driving home from my (second) job and I stopped for a traffic light only half a mile from home.

I was really surprised to see a pretty decent number of TEENAGERS – Protesting! (It was about George Floyd).

I was tired after working my usual Full Time Day Job AND the part time one so I couldn’t do much except look and give them a “thumbs up” (they caught me by surprise too)!

The girl closest to me kept staring at me. Her expression was of TOTAL – ANGER, and CONVICTION, and DETERMINATION.

People, I Feel the SAME.
But, not just because of George Floyd.

Because of – INJUSTICE.
NATIONAL – Injustice.
WORLDWIDE – Injustice.

(Unfortunately, “George Floyd” is nothing new).

Man’s INHUMANITY, to man….

WORLDWIDE – Poverty, Disease, GREED, Malnutrition, CHILD ABUSE, Discrimination, HUMAN Trafficking, HUMAN RIGHTS Violations, SUFFERING, TORTURE, DEATH…….

3 YEARS ago I decided to do something about it.

First I decided to Run for President in 2020.

Yes, I said PRESIDENT.

To do this I contacted:

Congressional Caucuses, Congressional Leaders, Senators, Congresspersons, Governors, Previous Presidents, Vice Presidents, MAJOR (Traditional) News Media – like the NY Times, the LA Times, PBS, NPR, etc., MANY Charitable Organizations, the AMA, the Union of Concerned Scientists, etc., etc.. – only to be 100% IGNORED, by EVERY, Single, one……..

I’ve made OVER 7 THOUSAND Tweets on Twitter. HUNDREDS of Posts on Facebook.

I put ads on craigslist in States all across the Country.

I wrote and actually MAILED at the Post Office dozens and DOZENS of (printed out) letters, sent dozens and DOZENS of emails, I even MAILED – DOZENS of Boxes packaged to look like they were written/sent by a Kid (to [hopefully] increase the probability of them actually being OPENED and even READ).

I made a Website from SCRATCH, knowing NOTHING about how to do so.

I made Videos and Podcasts….

But, despite my GARGANTUAN Efforts, even to this day, Virtually NO ONE has even heard of me (INCLUDING You).

I tried to Run as a Democrat because of their backing but I couldn’t get their attention either so I switched to Independent.

For 3 YEARS I’ve Poured my HEART and SOUL into Developing a Formula to SOLVE Problems in an attempt to Improve LIVES and to SAVE – LIVES…..

I Believe I succeeded.

Here it is:

I’ve developed a (Multi-Step) Formula to GET things through Congress so WHOEVER our President is can FIX our stupid problems once and for all and make things Better for you, your Family, and your Children.

In brief, by utilizing a combination of Ranked Choice Voting, Referendums, Conventional Surveys and Polls, coupled with SOCIAL MEDIA, it “tweaks” our Representative form of Government by adding an “ACTIVE PARTICIPATORY” element.

This simply adds a Direct Component to our everyday, usual, Representative Democracy.

It requires NO Constitutional Amendments or changes in Laws – whatsoever.

– Want to bring everyone TOGETHER?
– Want to FIX things?
– Want to SOLVE problems and make things Better for your Family?

This does.

FINALLY – The PEOPLE, will Decide on the Issues.

Not – Congress
Not – The President
Not even – me.

YOU, will Decide what is Best for YOUR Family.


On another note, working on a local situation could (hopefully) end up changing some Laws and helping the People in that community, but there may not be anyone helping People who have problems in other communities in an entirely different area of the Country (or even in another part of the World.)

What about THEM?
They are People too!
THEY, Need Help too!

Working to solve Problems in the Big Picture will also Help THOSE People. It will help EVERYONE.

We have many People working on local problems.

We NEED someone to work on the Big Picture.

That would make YOUR job and those of other People working on local levels easier too.

I am that someone.

I’m Sorry but I don’t think small.

I can’t be obsessed with localized problems. I’m too concerned about MAJOR Issues.

I look at the BIG Picture.
I DO “see the forest for the trees”.

If the Forest is Cared for PROPERLY, each INDIVIDUAL Tree, will also, THRIVE….

If the MAJOR Issues were to be addressed PROPERLY, and in a NATIONAL, PUBLICIZED, and PROMINENT way, those Solutions would also cycle down to the local levels.

It’s far easier to transfer Policy and affect People’s Feelings, Opinions, and “Temperament”, (in a POSITIVE way) from the Top, on down.

As I said, I think – Big.

Mahatma Gandhi, JFK, His BROTHER, Martin Luther King Jr., Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, George Washington, Nelson Mandela, Winston Churchill, ABRAHAM LINCOLN…..

I ABSOLUTELY Feel akin to all of them and I actually wish I could have met and had discussions with each one of them.

I’m being totally Sincere: (although long gone), I can almost feel these People inside me. It almost feels like they’re guiding me to CONTINUE THEIR (Very unfinished) work.

I Feel like We’re ALL Trying to accomplish the same thing…..
– Helping to IMPROVE Life

As YOUR President in 2024, (yes, I said PRESIDENT), I won’t operate in a Vacuum like Trump.

I’ll surround myself with MORE Advisers, MORE Specialists, MORE Experts, and MORE Scientists than ANY Administration in history.

In my entire life I have always
VALUED, APPRECIATED, and RESPECTED the Advice/Opinions of People who have been working in their particular area of EXPERTISE for YEARS and even DECADES.

Because I’m VERSATILE and VERSED in MANY Disciplines, (both in the Quantitative/Scientific world and in the World of People’s – FEELINGS), I will KNOW what these guys are talking about and I’ll be able to ask them Intelligent questions and “pick their brains”.

But, I’m only ONE vote. This will be a TEAM Effort to determine the BEST Solutions to SOLVE Problems AND, to be PREPARED for ANY (negative) contingencies (INCLUDING – damn Pandemics).

IF, I were sitting in the oval office right now I could Help both temporarily mitigate and permanently “resolve” the current situations.

– I know WHAT to do.
– I know HOW to do it.

But, even before Corona and George Floyd:
– no one was listening to me.
– no one was helping me.

People are DYING and no one is listening to me…..

The Very PLANET, beneath our feet is DYING and still…..

– no one is listening to me….

Unfortunately, right now (and probably for some time) EVERYONE is SO preoccupied with Corona, and Jobs, and George Floyd that any other topic barely gets noticed at all (INCLUDING me).

Things will “calm” down in time.

But, there is less time than there may appear to be.

To have a reasonable chance, a SOLID Team and a solid PLAN, must both be in place YEARS Before, 2024.

I’ll try once AGAIN, to get the Democratic Machine behind me but if they STILL Ignore me I’ll have no Choice but to Run as a 3rd Party, Non-Partisan, Independent.

If You Elect me President, I will NOT be Corrupted or Swayed by any Damn thing or any Person. That INCLUDES $.

I don’t care how much pressure they put on me. I can take it.

I was brought up Better than that.

I have MORALS.
I have ETHICS.
I will accept NOTHING, but the Absolute – TRUTH.

Speaking of TRUTH, as YOUR President, I will Treat the PRESS as Our – BEST Asset.

Excluding Security matters, they WILL be Invited to sit in on EVERY Single Discussion.

OUR – FREE Press, ELEVATES us Above ALL other Nations.

No one owes me anything either.

Let them try to bring up any “dirt” on me.

There’s – NONE.

I’m as CLEAN as they come.

I will CONCENTRATE on doing my Job and that’s it.

My Job would be to oversee your life, to IMPROVE your life, to Help Your FAMILY, to Help Your CHILDREN, to PROTECT You from ANYTHING or ANYONE who could hurt or even THREATEN You.

THAT, is the President’s Job.

Once I make a COMMITMENT,
I – DO my Job and NOTHING stops me.

Read my lips – NOTHING.

You know, ever since my age was in the SINGLE digits, my Favorite avocation/interest has been (and still is) Outer Space.

Like I said, I think – Big, but not too big not to ask for Help…..

Please, Please Help me to Help ALL of us…..


As – YOUR President,

– I will NOT Rule.
– I will NOT Dictate.
– I will MENTOR.
– I will SHARE.
– I will LISTEN.


I will NEVER, EVER, sway or deviate from the Prime Directive. Not even for 0.0001 nanoseconds. (Well, MAYBE for 0.00001 nanoseconds).

– To HELP People.
– To IMPROVE their QUALITY of Life.
– I will Help us all, navigate through life.

Because that, THAT, IS, The President’s – JOB.

“… Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for – ALL.”

ALL, of us.
NO, “exceptions”.
Read my lips: NONE.

I’m ASKING You to Please tell Your FRIENDS and FAMILY about me so they can also spread the Word.

NO, donations Please.
Just Spread the Word.

Take Care,
– Alan Lee.

My Website?

So many People Search for me that I’m REAL Easy to find. Just type in: Honest REAL and poor guy4president.
(Please Click on Google Sites).



Thank You Very Much,
-Alan Lee.

P.S.: It may be some time before things do “settle down”.
Please don’t forget about me.

By that time, MANY More People will have already – DIED, and MANY More, probably will…….

I…….CAN’T, just “sit back” and KEEP WATCHING it happen when I – KNOW, I just KNOW, that I can stop it…..

Mahatma Gandhi, JFK, His BROTHER, Martin Luther King Jr., Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, George Washington, Nelson Mandela, Winston Churchill, ABRAHAM LINCOLN…..

Stay with me guys…..and YOU guys Reading this, Please stay with me too so I can Continue and Finish, FINISH, their work……

Thank You again,
-Alan Lee.

Just GOOGLE SEARCH: Honest REAL and poor guy4president.
(Please Click on Google Sites).

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  1. Hi Alan. Welcome to Neo Citizens! I am fellow Long Islander too. I grew up in the Great Neck/ Port Washington/ New Hyde Park area. Moved to the Bronx a couple years ago and am now living up in the mid-hudson valley where I bought a house with my partner. Would love to connect and chat in more detail. I love the game plan you outline above! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Bennett!
    Thank You Very Much!

    You’re just about to first Person willing to Help me…..

    Yes! Let’s Connect!

    Please let me know!

    Thank You again!
    -Alan Lee.
    Honest, REAL, (and poor) guy4president.

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