Honest, REAL, (and poor) guy4president


There’s Corruption in all levels of Government and in ALL Countries.

There’s a ZILLION Greedy SCUM who don’t give a Damn about anything except their own SELFISH SCUM life.

I’m sure You may know one yourself. (Sorry to hear that).

But, there ARE some exceptions.

If You Elect me President, (yes I said PRESIDENT), I will NOT be Corrupted or Swayed by any Damn thing or any Person. That INCLUDES $.

I don’t care how much pressure they put on me. I can take it.

I was brought up Better than that.

I have MORALS.
I have ETHICS.
I will accept NOTHING, but the Absolute – TRUTH.

No one owes me anything either.

I will CONCENTRATE on doing my Job and that’s it.

My Job is to oversee your life, to IMPROVE your life, to Help Your FAMILY, to Help Your CHILDREN, to PROTECT You from ANYTHING or ANYONE who could hurt or even THREATEN You.

THAT, is the President’s Job.

Once I make a COMMITMENT,
I – DO my Job and NOTHING stops me.

Read my lips – NOTHING.

Thank You.
– Alan Lee.
Running for President in 2024.
(No, it’s not too soon to be Thinking and Planning for it!).

Please add me as your FRIEND, because I AM.

Take Care my, FRIEND…..
– Alan Lee. 😉
Honest, REAL, (and poor) guy4president


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