Membership Benefits

When you become a member, you become a part of the dynamic changes that are transforming our world.

* Connecting with people who think in a similar way, will allow you access to all kinds of resources: to empower your progressive organization, to enrich your life, grow your business, achieve your personal goals, etc. Try to make introductions when you see fit, as members will typically be more willing to help if they see you are actively trying to benefit the community as well.

* Opportunities to influence policies on issues you care about. We are establishing collaboration with many national and international organizations to collectively advance our shared goals and enhance our opportunities for personal/professional development, networking, and advocacy.

* The fight for progress, for what is fair and for improving the world, can sometimes seem like a lonely endeavor. Talking with a mutually-supportive, like-minded network of people, and participating in events, virtually or in the real world, can help you improve your mood and get new ideas.

* Being a progressive person, you can publish your ideas, questions, and suggestions without censorship, and without fear of malicious people reporting and blocking you, as it happens in the main social networks. Our members can interact in protected, secure virtual environments.

* This can help you find new employment and/or new business opportunities. People like to work together or do business with a familiar face, even more, if they share interests and values.

* The greatest value in joining Neo Citizens comes from the fact that when you engage with other Progressive people, you can find unlimited inspiration. Through active discussions, you will learn from each others’ mistakes, get motivated by each other’s victories, and give and receive much-needed support. Not to mention, that the collaborations that come to fruition thanks to community engagement can yield fresh, exciting innovations that simply can’t be achieved solo.