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We Fight for Progress & Create Socially Responsible Businesses Beneficial for Everyone

What is the Neo Citizens Movement?

We do not care much about semantic. We care about purpose:


  • “Neo” means “new”, “recent”, “revived”, “modified”. This world needs a new kind of citizens. It needs more “upstanders”, more “active operators” and less “bystanders”.
  • “Neo” also means “New Empowered Operants”. An “operant” is a person or thing that operates “PRODUCING EFFECTS”.
  • We embrace the 3D option: “Democracy, Distribution, and Development”.
  • We believe that Networking, Marketing, Technology, Business, and Ethics, all together can change the worlds.
  • We recognize the existence of millions of the world around us. Each person is an own Universe and is at the same time part of many worlds. We all want to change the whole World, but what really counts is to begin by changing our inner world, and the worlds closest to us: our family, neighborhood, school, work, company, town or city.
  • We know that there is a world of confusion and suffering where it is very difficult to bring clarity and joy, but it is possible. There is also a world of wisdom and compassion that can be used to transform the other worlds, the small ones and the huge ones.
  • We do not pretend to reinvent the wheel, but to mobilize the Wisdom of the Networks to grow an effective, efficient and relevant movement. We aim to properly address existing and emerging challenges by extending marketing and business partnerships and strengthening Positive Networking.
  • We do not rely on Charity but on Marketing and new Technologies. We build Socially Responsible Businesses. That is why we are promoting several initiatives that will generate Development. Fighting Poverty does not have to be boring, but funny and profitable.

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