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An Inclusive Movement to Achieve a Positive Impact on People’s Lives

Our civilization has developed extraordinary technologies and experimented life-changing breakthroughs, but we live in a tough world. It is not strange to mistake change for progress and to be perturbed by what is happening in today’s world:

ENVIRONMENTAL CRISIS, Economic uncertainty, mass killing, regional wars that devastate countries and displace millions of people, and intolerance of other’s beliefs and personal freedoms.

We all experience the fear of unforeseen violence and misfortunes, the ugliness of poverty and the increasing gap between rich and poor, and we need more people that are immediately impacted and involved in what’s happening. That is why we decided to join:

The Upstanders Global Initiative


A Humankind without extreme Poverty and with reduced inequalities. A better world society with Opportunities for everyone, and not only for the elite. An eco-friendly planet of Peace and respectful Coexistence. An Inclusive and Moral World.


Use Networking, Marketing & Business to Empower each progressive individual and organization to fight Poverty while creating Abundance for all. To help them build better worlds, starting with the small ones that are close to every person.

Our 3 Main Goals

1,000 Projects

We will finance 1,000 Sustainable Development Projects, with a high impact in the fight against Extreme Poverty, for Progress and the ecology of the Planet.


Millions in investment and in donations and nobody knows what happens next with those resources. Now Neo Citizens Watchers will keep us updated.


We want to put together the largest Directory of Companies, Foundations, and Organizations that fight for Progress, for a Better World.

What Makes Us Different

We are an Inclusive & Beneficial movement for all participants

We are an inclusive movement that gives all people an equal opportunity to participate regardless of claimed ideology, religion, political affiliation or cause… We are convinced that only by fully engaging all open-minded people worldwide, we stand a better chance of creating a strong and empowered movement.

We combine Profits and Compassion, Ethics and Business

By making one of our main goals the funding of more than 1,000 Development Projects, we will generate socially responsible, sustainable businesses that are beneficial to their creators, employees and their environment. And able to return to society a portion equivalent to the opportunity given to them.

We believe that Networking + Mkt + Business can change the world

We know that cutting-edge technologies, positive participation in Social Networks, constructive Marketing, and socially responsible Business practices can change the world if they are governed not by greed, but by ethics, the care of the planet and the signification of the human being, without ignoring individuality.

We talk about Religion, but not here

Neo Citizens profess diverse religions, beliefs, creeds, and life philosophies. To prevent our differences from separating us, or distracting us from the ultimate goal, we have decided NOT TO TALK ABOUT RELIGION within the movement. Nothing at all. RESPECT and COEXISTENCE make us stronger.

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